One Killed in Wild Elephant Rampage

Onlookers were terrified when two wild elephants (not pictured) went on a rampage in southern India, killing one person. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was terror in the streets as two wild elephants went on a ferocious rampage in southern India today.

One enraged elephant plowed into a motorcycle, then rose on its hind legs and actually tried to knock over a fence.

A dramatic photo shows the beast pinning down a man, crushing him to death.

The two wild elephants, without provocation, charged into the town from a forest.

Elephant fury has been caught on tape before.

An elephant smashed a glass window after escaping from an amusement park in South Korea, and a customer in the restaurant ran for her life.

A trainer was tossed around like a rag doll in Hawaii in 1994. Another trainer was crushed to death. And the rampaging elephant tore through the streets before being shot dead.

In today's terrifying rampage, police used tranquilizer darts to stop the two out-of-control elephants, who left behind a trail of death and destruction.