Barber Lies on the Floor to Cut Hair for 6-Year-Old Boy With Autism: 'I Follow Him'

"Each time [Wyatt is] coming here, there's always a sequence where he's on the floor," said barber Franz Jacob.

A barber won't normally cut hair while lying on the floor, but for a young client with autism, this Canadian hairdresser is happy to go the extra mile.

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Franz Jacob, 45, of Authentischen Barbier in Rouyn, Quebec, was photographed lying on his side to give 6-year-old Wyatt Lafrenière a trim.

Wyatt has autism, and rarely has good experiences while getting a haircut.

“He doesn’t like to be touched,” Wyatt’s mom Fauve Lafrenière told “It’s always hard for the hairdresser to do a right job, and I have to deal with a meltdown after.”

But for the last two years that Wyatt has been visiting Jacob, Lafrenière said she has always been thankful for how hard he tries to make the experience positive for her son.

“He takes the time to make Wyatt feel comfortable,” she explained. “Franz doesn’t push too far and doesn’t lose his patience. He always has a super big smile for my son when we come. They are really cute together.”

“Each time [Wyatt is] coming here, there’s always a sequence where he’s on the floor," Jacob told

And when he does, Jacob gets right down on the floor with him.

He explained that making his clients feel comfortable is all just part of the job, regardless of whether he’s cutting the hair of a famous rock musician or someone like Wyatt.

“For me, it’s the same extra mile I’m doing all the time,” he told “If it’s for an autistic kid and I have to go on the floor, I will just do it. I don’t mind. I’m a barber; I’m supposed to do that.”

Jacob, a father-of-two himself, says that whenever Wyatt comes for a visit, he turns down the loud music and takes a couple minutes spinning the boy around in the chair.

If Wyatt needs to move to look at a different trinket on his walls, Jacob is happy to adjust his position.

“I watch his behavior and I follow him,” Jacob explained. “He’s always moving around so I have to deal with it.”

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Despite having to take more time with young clients with special needs, Wyatt’s mom said the barber’s patience makes all the difference.

“He made a connection with Wyatt that nobody has before,” Lafrenière said. “We love to go to the barber shop now.”

Jacob said the key to his success is “patience and some love and a good pair of scissors"

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