How These College Students Decked Out Their Dorm Room to Be Stylish and Comfortable

The freshmen at Southern Methodist University had planned their decor well before the school year began.

Two college freshmen in Texas have received a heap of attention after transforming their dorm room into an elegant and cozy space anyone would be happy to call home.

Meredith Welborn and Sarah Hooton decked out their room with matching headboards, a custom coffee bar and smart storage that added to the upscale feel of their space at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

“This is not your typical room,” Welborn said.

Welborn and Hooton decided to room together after meeting through mutual friends and with the help of Hooton’s mother, an interior designer, they immediately got to work planning their décor.

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Bedding in soft, muted colors and metallic accents scattered throughout the room gave the space a luxurious and relaxing feel.

“The headboards really transformed the room,” Welborn said. “It makes it look like an actual room, as opposed to a dorm.”

Keeping the space visually appealing was a priority for the pair, who raised their beds to accommodate storage containers.

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“We have extra drawers for our clothes and we can hide the not-so-pretty parts of the room with bed curtains,” Hooton said.

A bar cart turned into a coffee bar and floaty curtains put the finishing touches on the very stylish space.

“We wanted it to be three things: Stylish, comfortable and functional,” Hooton said.

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