Casey Anthony Sobs During Gruesome Testimony

The Casey Anthony trial is becomingly increasingly dramatic both inside the courtroom and out. A stampede for tickets to the trial even sent one woman to the hospital. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was an emotional day in court as Casey Anthony broke down in tears and sobbed as she puts her head on her lawyer's shoulder.

Defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims put her arm around Casey to comfort her.

Casey's collapse in court happened during a day of heart-wrenching testimony.

A forensic expert testified Caylee's body was recovered bone by bone after it had been scattered over a wide area by wild animals.

"We have most of the spine, many of the ribs, all the long bones, and the tiny bones, hands, [and] feet," he told the court.

Investigators also found the tattered t-shirt that belonged to Caylee. The shirt is identifiable as one Caylee is wearing in a photo with Casey.

"It brings the image to mind that this is a little girl, that she was alive, that these are not just a science experiment that we're looking at, these bones. This is in fact Caylee Marie Anthony," says True Crime's Aphrodite Jones.

At one point Casey supported herself against the table and it looked as if she might faint. She sat and was obviously unwell. Her lawyer shook her head, concerned whether Casey could continue.

"It would appear that Casey Anthony is having a fairly strong emotional response to some of this graphic testimony," says INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

Jones says, "Oh there's no question she's having a strong emotional response. In fact, at one point Casey actually took a sweater and brought it out and wrapped it around herself. She's looking like a woman who's shrouded in fear, anxiety. In my opinion, she looks like she's filled with guilt."

But the drama wasn't just happening inside the courtroom. There was chaos outside the courthouse as scores of spectators raced to get in line for just 50 seats in the courtroom.

A woman was injured and people just ran by her. At the head of the line a fight broke out and police had to restore order.