Fired Waitresses Sue Atlantic City Casino

INSIDE EDITION speaks to four former cocktail waitresses who say they were fired by an Atlantic City casino because they didn't fit the casino's sexed up new image.

A group of women say they were fired from the world famous Resorts Casino Hotel because they didn't fit the hotel's new image because of their age!

"I never did anything wrong to be fired," says Yvonne Ray.

"I didn't deserve to be let go," Margie DePamphilis says.

DePamphilis is 54, she has two daughters, and she worked at Resorts for 32 years.

Elsa Hernandez is 57, and a 12-year veteran of Resorts. She used part of her salary to care for her three grandchildren.

Marie Stewart started working at the casino just nine months after it opened its doors in 1978.  

And for 25 years Ray, who is 49, served customers at the casino. She showed INSIDE EDITION her old, much more conservative uniform.

But when Resorts decided to sex up their image, the women say they were told they "Did not meet the uniform requirements."  

Instead, the hotel posed younger waitresses in the outfits and posted the photos on their website and on billboards.

The women are suing the hotel, devastated by the loss of their jobs.

"Being a cocktail waitress is a glamorous job, you get your nails done, you do your make up, you do your hair, and you carry drinks out," says Ray.

"Resorts decided that they wanted younger, sexier-looking cocktail servers," says attorney Gloria Allred.

The hotel said in a statement to INSIDE EDITION, "Resorts is confident that it has acted in accordance with all legal requirements in its employment decisions."

But these women say they've been brushed aside for younger women.

"There was nothing wrong, except that maybe we were older," says Stewart.  

Resorts also says it's confident it acted in accordance with the law.