Thief Cooks Meal While Robbing Restaurant: Cops

Even a burglar's gotta eat...

An alleged burglar was seen knocking over a New York restaurant in surveillance video apparently did so on an empty stomach.

Footage taken in the kitchen of Nelly’s Taqueria in Hicksville appears to show a thief as he made himself a meal mid-burglary last week.

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And while police say the man stole $100 from the register, he was polite enough not to leave a mess.

When employees arrived to Nelly's Tuesday, they found the kitchen completely clean.

“He went into the kitchen and first thing he does is start making a meal,” owner Nelly Palacios told CBS New York. 

Palacios' employee, a manager named Mike, said the thief cooked a meal of "rice, frijoles, shrimp and chicken" while following all the requisite restaurant safety procedures.

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"And then cleaned up after himself," Mike said. "If he wasn’t breaking in, we would hire him."

Nassau County police have released the surveillance video in hopes it will lead to an arrest. 

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