Do the Newest Batch of Weiner Photos Seal the Congressman's Fate?

Is Congressman Anthony Weiner headed toward resignation? New raunchy photos, taken in the Congressional gym, have surfaced, and now even key Democratic leaders are urging him to quit. INSIDE EDITION has the details.  

If embattled congressman Anthony Weiner thought taking a leave of absence to deal with his sexting scandal would save his House seat, he appears to be sorely mistaken.

Yet another batch of raunchy pictures has gone public, featuring Weiner clutching his private parts in the official Congressional gym.

Weiner, who took the pictures in a mirror with his Blackberry, reportedly sent them to a young woman. In one, he appears to be completely naked.

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Shieffer could barely contain his contempt. "This is beyond just a sex scandal here. I mean, this is sort of an electronic version of a flasher. These latest pictures are disgusting," he said.

The photos were taken at the Capitol Hill gym, a lavishly-appointed, members-only facility. Members of Congress can swipe in, or be buzzed in using a phone.

The fact that the photos were taken on government property could doom Weiner's defense that he didn't use taxpayer resources to execute his sexting activities.

Bob Cusack, managing editor of congressional newspaper The Hill, commented: "This could be the final nail in the coffin for him." Another Capitol Hill insider was quoted saying that the new photos of Weiner "could very well seal his fate."

The scandal seems to be taking its toll on Weiner's pregnant wife. Huma Abedin, who was photographed with her boss Hillary Clinton in Tanzania on Sunday, looked both anxious and grim.

Weiner's friends describe the congressman's present state as "distraught and fragile," and say he is "falling apart."

Over the weekend, Weiner was spotted taking out, of all things, his dirty laundry. Later that day, he announced he was entering a rehab facility to treat his psychological issues.

"It really told me that this is someone who was totally out of control, who gave in completely to his impulses, and this was extremely destructive," psychologist Jeff Gardere said of the photos.

With key Democratic Party leaders now urging Weiner to resign, one can't help but wonder: is the Congressman's career over?