Baby Found Stuffed In Bag Under a Log Died Of Blow To The Head, Officials Reveal

Caliyah McNabb was just 15 days old when she disappeared Saturday.

A baby girl who was found stuffed in a bag in the Georgia woods this week died of blunt force trauma to the head, officials have revealed.

Caliyah McNabb was just 15 days old when she disappeared Saturday. Her body was found in a drawstring sack in Newton County on Sunday afternoon.

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Caliyah, who was born premature on Sept. 23, was found under a log about a quarter of a mile from her home, according to Newton County Sheriff's Capt. Keith Crum.

She weighed just five pounds.

While investigators have ruled the cause of death as homicide, police have filed no charges in the case.

Police, however, say Caliyah's father is a person of interest and Newton County deputies arrested him on a probation violation charge that is unrelated to his daughter.

The infant's mother was questioned by police and released, WGCL reported. She is not considered a person of interest.

"I pray to God that she had nothing to do with it," the mother's father, Tim Bell, told reporters.

Officials wanted immediately to speak with the father, Christopher McNabb,  but were not able to locate him immediately after the infant was found.

According to local reports, Mr. McNabb was later found near a convenience store where witnesses said he told them he didn't kill his baby.

McNabb was arrested Sunday evening on the unrelated violation and brought in for questioning.

Also released Tuesday was the 911 call made by Caliyah's mother on Saturday.

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In the call, Cortney Bell said she was up much of the night with the infant before she accidentally fell asleep on the couch.

After feeding little Caliyah at 5 a.m., Bell told dispatchers she fell asleep until she was awoken hours later to her 2-year-old daughter telling her the baby was gone.

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