Bride Who Thought She Couldn't Conceive Hosts Gender Reveal at Her Wedding

Bride Meagan Bingham, 25, said doctors told her as a teenager she may never be able to have kids.

A bride and groom celebrated the beginning of their new family by hosting a surprise gender reveal during their wedding.

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Bride Meagan Bingham, 25, threw a baseball at her groom, Brandon, 29, during their September wedding in Ontario, Canada.

When Brandon swung his bat in a video shared by Caters News, the baseball exploded into a cloud of pink, revealing the pair were expecting a girl.

“I was all nervous I was going to screw up the pitch, but luckily the nerves didn’t take over,” Meagan told

She said the reveal was a surprise for their 140 guests – including the couple's parents.

“They had no idea – the only people that knew were me, Brandon, my sister and my cousin-in-law,” she said. “Brandon’s dad was very emotional.”

Meagan, who is more than five months pregnant, said she thought her wedding was the perfect opportunity to reveal the news since all her friends and family were already there.

"I'm from a big baseball family," Meagan said. "When I found out I couldn't play baseball this year, I said, 'Okay, we're going to do the gender reveal with baseball.'"

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The pregnancy came as a surprise, Meagan said, since doctors had told her when she was 18 she may never be able to conceive.

"This was completely out of left field when we found out we were pregnant but it was very exciting. We both wanted kids," she said. "Our little miracle baby."

Their little girl is due in February.

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