Loyal Canine Companion Stays With Boy, 2, While He Was Lost in Cornfield

Little Mason was playing outside when he wandered off into the cornfield, but luckily, Bella Grace remained by his side.

A toddler lost in a Minnesota cornfield last week was found safe, thanks to the faithful dog who stayed with him the whole time.

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A thermal vision video shows the stark image of 2-year-old Mason who was lost, along with his English springer spaniel, Bella Grace, and her 12-week-old puppy, Madeline, in the Richmond, Minn., cornfield.

Bella Grace never left the toddler's side and was seen wagging her tail as the cameras picked up on their trail.

Mason was playing outside his home with three young cousins when he wandered off straight into a cornfield and the dog followed.

After relatives went looking for the boy and the dogs, panic ensued. Family members called authorities as day turned to night.

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A search party of 200 volunteers, the fire department and police went on the hunt for the child. Dogs and a police helicopter also aided in the search.

"The dogs are very protective over all the kids," the boy's grandmother, Jerri Gertken, told Inside Edition. "She sat right next to him and she barked the whole time. It is completely, 'dog saves boy.'" 

Hovering over the farmland, the pilot eventually picked up the “heat signature" that turned out to be Mason and the dogs. The kid had wandered about a quarter of a mile away from the backyard.

The chopper pilot directed searchers on the ground to the little boy who was found shivering and crying after being lost for three hours.

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