Woman Gets a Free Car in Exchange for a Packet of Szechuan Sauce From McDonald's

After an episode of "Rick and Morty" featured the sauce, fans lined up to get one.

It was a sweet deal for this Michigan woman when she traded a packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for a car.

Rachel Marie said she's an avid fan of the cartoon Rick and Morty, which featured the sauce in the premiere episode of its third season in April.

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In the episode, the character Rick goes back in time to 1998, when the sauce was made as a promotion for the Disney film Mulan, and tries to collect as much as he can.

In response to the Rick and Morty plug, McDonald’s released an extremely limited number of packets of  the sauce on Oct. 7. Fans lined up for hours to grab one.

Marie was one of those lucky fans.

“I drove from Shelby to Detroit and waited in line with a friend from 9 a.m. until they released it at 2 p.m.,” Marie said. “Initially I was going to eat the sauce while watching an episode of Rick and Morty.”

But when Marie’s friend, who had eaten the sauce already, told her the sauce was listed on eBay for $300, she changed her mind.

The 23-year-old, who is an avid pin collector, decided to see if she could trade the sauce for pins through a Facebook page, Pin Nation.

“I wasn’t even thinking about a car. The guy posted saying he wanted to trade the car for one pack of sauce. I messaged him,” Marie said. “I was really shocked that he was willing to trade his car, but if I was able to get a car out of packet of sauce that I got, I thought, 'Yeah I will definitely do that.'”

The man, who owned a 2004 Volkswagen GTI, drove the car to Marie and dropped it off in exchange for the sauce. She said he took an Uber home.

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Marie said she plans to eventually "pimp her ride" and use the car as a show car.

“It drives really well," she said. "A lot of people are just shocked that the guy was willing to trade his car. He had another car and he just really wanted the sauce so I am not going be the one to stop him from getting that."

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