Arnold's Mistress Tells Son He Was Not a Mistake

INSIDE EDITION has more details on the former maid of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the son she had with the embattled star.    

When Mildred Patricia Baena told her child that his father was Arnold Schwarzenegger, she wanted him to know one thing: he was not a mistake.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Baena recalled the day she broke the news to 13-year-old Joseph. "He wasn't sure how it could happen [since Arnold] was married. I told him, 'I'm not saying I made a mistake…you're not a mistake. I did a wrong thing because he was married.' I told him not to tell anyone– he said he wouldn't," Baena said.

The exclusive interview took place at a nondescript hotel outside Phoneix, where Baena and her son are currently hiding. The former Schwarzenegger maid claims she's not making a dime from the interview.

With the scandal back in the headlines, Schwarzenegger spent the day with his son, Patrick, at their home in Sun Valley, Idaho. The 17-year-old tweeted: "Golfing In sun valley but we forgot our collored shirts so we used my dads ones from the 80's."

Shockingly, an embattled Schwarzenegger is said to be telling friends the scandal that might end his marriage is "no big deal."

"He has told his friends that he thinks it's not that big of a deal and he doesn't really get what all the fuss is about," The Wrap's Sharon Waxman told the Today show.

The eldest of the Schwarzenegger brood, Katherine, was also doing her best to rise above the drama. Photographers found her with a girlfriend after they spent a day at the spa.

"Today is the perfect day for girls day pampering! Much needed," she tweeted.