Casey Anthony's Defense Team Opens

The defense opened their case in the Casey Anthony trial today and took the strategy of putting Casey's father, George Anthony, under a microscope. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

On the third anniversary of Caylee Anthony's death, the defense has begun its presentation at the trial of the young mother accused of murdering her little girl. But as questioning began, it was easy to wonder just who is on trial: Casey or her father?

The defense strategy is expected to shift the focus of the trial onto George Anthony, and blame him for the death of his granddaughter.

"Juries love conspiracies, so if you think about it, what the defense is doing is putting George Anthony squarely on trial, saying he killed, or had something to do with the mysterious hiding of that baby," True Crime's Aphrodite Jones said.

Baez and his team dropped yet another bombshell in their opening by adding convicted kidnapper Vasco Thompson to the witness list.

Thompson served 17 years in prison for kidnapping.

The defense claimed George Anthony made four phone calls to him two days before Caylee was reported missing.

Thompson has denied any connection to the case, and George Anthony denied knowing him.

"Was George Anthony perhaps involved in some way in the death of the cover up of the death of this trial? And with doubt comes hung juries," Jones said.

There was an odd moment of laughter this morning in court from Casey Anthony. It came as a CSI expert was asked if he talked to during evidence collection in Casey Anthony's bedroom. The man responded: "no, because I was by myself."

But just minutes later, George Anthony was seen choking back tears.

"It is not a day for laughter. It was kind of odd to watch Casey crack a smile on a day such as this," Jones said.