Did Casey Anthony Steal a Woman's Story?

Could a prisoner in the cell next to Casey Anthony turn the tables in the trial that the entire country is watching? INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

30-year-old April Whalen is the Casey Anthony look alike who threatens to blow the whole case apart. INSIDE EDITION'S Paul Boyd has new information about the woman who was once held in a cell right next to Anthony, and how their stories are suspiciously intertwined.

Over the past ten years, Whalen has been in and out of jail ten times on charges including drug possession, DUI, and theft.

On Christmas day 2007, tragedy struck the troubled young woman: Whalen's 15-month-old son, Isaiah, drowned in the family's backyard pool. The boy's grandfather discovered the body.

Sound familiar? Whalen's nightmare is exactly what Anthony claims happened to little Caylee.  

"Caylee Anthony died on on June 16th 2008 when she drowned in her family's swimming pool," Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez said.

"When you look at the history of Casey Anthony's lies, you start to see how she weaves and cobbles things together. It would make perfect sense that she took that story she heard in the jailhouse and said 'A-ha! That's what I'm going to do,' " True Crime's Aphrodite Jones said.

Prosecutors say that for five days in 2009, Whalen was in the cell next to Anthony.

"Ms Whalen indicates to law enforcement she did not talk to Casey Anthony, however, she doesn't remember if she talked to other inmates," the prosecution said.

The sensational development is sending shock waves across the USA.

"You can hear everything that's going on it keeps you up all night long, the chatter and the talking. If they were adjacent cellmates, Casey Anthony could definitely hear what April Whalen was saying. These stories are startling similar," Nancy Grace said.

But even with this potential setback, Anthony's defense team seems to be gaining ground. People magazine says that some legal experts think that even if Anthony killed her daughter, she could get away with murder.