Casey Anthony's Mother Testifies in Court

Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy Anthony, surprised everyone in court with her testimony that could support the defense's case that little Caylee drowned in their pool. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

More sensational testimony from Casey Anthony's mom, telling the jury for the first time how little Caylee could have drowned accidentally in the backyard pool.

She said Caylee used the pool four times a week. The ladder was usually taken off to stop her from climbing in by herself.

"We took extra precautions every day to keep the ladder off the pool," said Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony.

But on the last day Caylee was seen alive the ladder was mysteriously left on.

"Did you come home and notice that the pool ladder was up?" asked defense attorney José Baez.

"It was attached to the pool," said Cindy.

"And was that a highly unusual event for you?" asked Baez.

"Yes. So much that I called George at work to see if he had left the pool ladder up," said Cindy.

She said 3-year-old Caylee was able to climb the ladder by herself.

"We knew she could come up and down, but we told her that we had to be with her and why," said Cindy.

True Crime writer Aphrodite Jones was in court. INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Jones, "Is it possible after hearing that testimony in court today, that little Caylee actually drowned?"

"I think certain jurors are starting to question whether or not there's a possibility. Certainly, the defense has moved its theory forward by using Cindy Anthony on the stand in the last day or two here," said Jones.

But she admitted to prosecutors that Casey Anthony never mentioned a drowning accident after Caylee went missing.

"Did your daughter tell you that there was an accident involving the pool?" asked prosecuting attorney Linda Drane-Burdick.

"No ma'am?" said Cindy.

"In fact she continued to assert to you that the child was kidnapped by a babysitter. Correct?" asked Drane-Burdick.

"That is correct," said Cindy.

Across the courtroom, Casey also cried when the jury was shown a video of her playing with little Caylee. 

Casey's brother, Lee, also took the stand and revealed that Casey's pregnancy was kept secret from him until he noticed himself.

"The next time I would have seen my mom, probably in the next couple of days, I recall asking her, 'Is Casey pregnant? It looks that way to me,' " said Lee.

He wept openly as he described his anger over the secrecy.

"I was angry at my mom. I was also angry at my sister. I was just angry at everyone because they didn't want to include me," said Lee.

And as he wept, so did Casey.

Jones told INSIDE EDITION, "What does this tell you? It tells you that this is a family that kept secrets."