Did Cindy Anthony Lie in Court to Protect Casey?

It's the question everyone is asking—did Cindy Anthony lie in court to save her daughter Casey Anthony from the death penalty? INSIDE EDTION has more.

It's the question everyone's talking about—is Cindy Anthony lying to save her daughter from the death chamber?

After two days of bombshell testimony, Cindy Anthony has poked serious holes in the prosecution's case.

The reaction from spectators inside the court room was one of total disbelief. One spectator said, "That was a jaw dropper. I felt duped. She was spinning a story."

Another spectator said, "She is lying and the jury, I think, can see through it as well."

Even Casey herself seems surprised by her mom's helpful testimony. At one point even mouthing the word "wow."

Beth Karas from Tru TV's In Session told INSIDE EDITION, "There are many who say this doesn't resonate with the truth. That this was a mother just taking care of her daughter and trying to save her daughter's life."

On the Today show, Anne Currie put the question directly to Cindy's attorney, Mark Lippman, "Why shouldn't we think here is a mother trying to save her daughter?"

"My client has only told the truth throughout," replied Lippman.

Karas said, "She's lost a granddaughter. She doesn't want to lose a daughter, at least to a death penalty."