Casey Anthony Ruled Competent to Stand Trial

Casey Anthony has been ruled competent to stand trial after her attorneys made a surprise defense motion claiming she was too mentally ill to continue. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Casey Anthony's attorneys filed a motion claiming she is too mentally ill to continue with the trial and she was examined by three psychiatrists over the weekend.

On Monday, Judge Belvin Perry ruled the trial must go on.

"The court will find that the defendant is competent to continue to proceed," he said.

The defense asked that the trial be halted after a "confidential communication" from Casey made them fear she was having a mental collapse.

The defense motion said, "Counsel reasonably believes that Ms. Anthony is not competent to aid and assist in her own defense and is incompetent to proceed."

True Crime's Aphrodite Jones says, "It's extremely unusual to have a competency motion now. Judge Perry was having none of it after three experts interviewed and spent an entire weekend with Ms. Anthony it was deemed after their reports were read by Judge Perry that this woman is perfectly competent. So I say, 'Crazy? Crazy like a fox!' "

Casey Anthony has had several courtroom breakdowns, sometimes weeping openly. Her latest happened on Friday, as her brother Lee was testifying. He was also in tears.

Today's announcement by Judge Perry solved the mystery surrounding Saturday's dramatic interruption of the trial.

At that time, the judge told the court, "Both sides concur that a legal issue has arisen that would necessitate us recessing for today."

"When this happened on Saturday it did create speculation of a potential mistrial and of the idea that there could be a plea deal on the table," says Jones.

Casey Anthony's attorneys are expected to wrap up their case later this week.