Was Caylee Anthony's Father Murdered?

INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who says her deceased son is caylee Anthony's father, but that's not all. She also thinks her son's death was no accident.

Was little Caylee Anthony's father murdered? Donna MacLean thinks he was.

Yesterday  INSIDE EDITION reported that Donna MacLean is convinced her son Michael Duggan is the mystery man who fathered Caylee. He told her he had a daughter with a woman in Florida named Casey.

Michael died in a car wreck in Massachusetts in 2007. Casey Anthony has said the little girl's father also died in a car accident that same year.

But MacLean told INSIDE EDITION her son's death was more sinister than it appeared.

"My son's car accident turned into a murder investigation," said MacLean.

She thinks her son was helping police probe a drug ring and was forced off the road and killed by the drug dealers.

The police report says the cause of the crash was the vehicle's speed, and cops say there was never a murder inquiry. But MacLean isn't convinced.

"I feel I know what happened, what took place. I actually went to see the priest to see if any eye for an eye was in the bible. I was mad. I felt I know who did it," said MacLean.

And here's another bizarre twist in the Casey Anthony case. The photo of Michael Duggan's father could be Caylee's grandmother, or grandfather, depending how you look at it.

Michael's father, Wilfred Duggan, was born a man but had a sex change. Now known as Wendy Duggan, he lives in the Florida county next to where the Casey Anthony trial is taking place.