What's Next for Casey Anthony?

What's next for Casey Anthony? After her shocking acquittal of the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, she could walk free as early as tomorrow. Could she become a millionaire? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Could Casey Anthony end up a millionaire in the wake of her shocking acquittal?

As she faces what could be her final day behind bars, many are wondering what's next for the reviled young woman.

"I think Casey Anthony can make millions of dollars," says Mike Harvkey of Publishers Weekly. Harvkey tells INSIDE EDITION a book deal is probably already in the works.

In a 2009 letter to another inmate, Casey envisioned writing a memoir "even if it never gets published."

Any income at all would be a windfall for Casey. She reportedly has just $94.49 in her bank account.

Already there is a groundswell of outrage that she may profit from the case.

"Boycott all books and movies about Casey Anthony. No one should profit from the death of Caylee," wrote one Twitter user.
Casey's former fiancé, Jesse Grund, thinks Casey will relish the attention that's sure to come her way.

"Right now she has everything she ever wanted. She's going to have money, she's going to have people on her doorstep asking for her, wanting her, and she's going to have that partying lifestyle she so craved," he says.

But true crime writer Aphrodite Jones thinks Casey will not have it easy once she's released. She may even have to get out of town  

"This community is not going to tolerate her walking the streets. It's kind of like O.J. Simpson, he walked out of court a free man but he couldn't ever walk the streets without being heckled, without being harassed," Jones says.

Outraging many of her critics is the revelation that Casey may be planning to adopt a baby.

It's true! In another letter to that inmate, Casey writes: "I always wanted to adopt a baby or child...if I do do it someday, I'll adopt local."

She also said she had a dream about being pregnant: "It was like having Cays all over again […] Let's make a deal. Let's get pregnant together."

She wrote about changing her hair color when she gets out. "Should I go red or blonde?" she asked. She also said she wants to see the movies Dumb and Dumber and The Dark Knight once she is free.

The other big question about Casey Anthony's future is where she will live after her release. And can she ever be reconciled with her parents?

George Anthony seemed to gesture that he was washing his hands of his daughter when he left the witness stand.

George and Cindy Anthony strode out of the courtroom immediately after the verdicts Tuesday.

As for moving back with her parents, Casey wrote in that 2009 letter, "I don't know if I'll be comfortable going back there after everything that's happened."

Geraldo Rivera asked Casey's lawyer Jose Baez about her next move.

"Where's your client going to spend her freedom? She can't stay here," Rivera observed.

"Well she's an adult and we will discuss that with her and you know, we will care, this team is united and this team is a close-knit group and we're going to all get together and help her take the next step for the rest of her life," Baez said.

Meanwhile, George and Cindy Anthony have received death threats and are said to be in hiding.

"People are filled with rage to the point where law enforcement had to seal off the subdivision where the Anthonys live, that's how scared they were that protestors would come in there and do damage," HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION.

Mark Lippman, George and Cindy's attorney, weighed in: "My clients all need to start trying to rebuild their lives, they can never be private citizens again but hopefully they can get some semblance of normality back in their lives."