INSIDE EDITION's Interview with Nancy Garrido's Brothers

INSIDE EDITION sat down with Nancy Garrido's brothers to hear how they feel being related to the woman who helped keep Jaycee Dugard captive for 18 years in her backyard.

She's married to the monster Phillip Garrido and played a key role in Jaycee Dugard's 18-year nightmare. But Nancy Garrido started out as an all-American girl, according to her brothers.

In 2009, INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke exclusively to Nancy's brothers, David and Rey Bocanegra, in Denver, where the family has lived for almost 40 years. They were speaking publicly about their sister for the first time, and their emotions were raw.

"Phil Garrido. That's what happened to my sister," Rey said.

Nancy was born in Texas, one of six children in what her brothers described as a loving home.

"Any prior arrests?" McInerney asked the brothers.

"None. Not even a parking ticket," said Rey.

Nancy met Phillip Garrido at Leavenworth Penitentiary, where her uncle was an inmate and Garrido was serving a 50-year sentence for rape and kidnapping.

"Once she met Phillip, that was it. It was like she was no longer around," David said.

When they got married in a prison ceremony in 1981, the family was deeply concerned. What kind of life would Nancy have with a convicted sex offender?

Their worst fears were realized when they saw video and photos of how Nancy was living at the home where Jaycee and her daughters were held in a secret backyard prison.

"That's not the way we grew up. It's disgusting," said Rey.

David told McInerney about his last phone conversation with his sister before her arrest.

"When I was talking and she was answering back to me, it was Phillip telling her what to say," he said through tears.

At one point, Garrido told David that he had a black box through which he could talk to God.

"It was just off the wall. I just couldn't believe my sister was with this guy who was just nuts," said David.

Most disturbing to her brothers was that Nancy became such a willing accomplice in her husband's crimes. In home videos just released by the District Attorney in El Dorado County, California, you can hear Nancy helping Garrido to videotape little girls in a parking lot.

Despite their belief that she was brainwashed, the brothers don't excuse their sister's crimes and say she belongs in jail.

"She took someone's life away from that person–from being a cheerleader or going to prom," David said.

And Nancy Garrido's family has a heartfelt message for Jaycee.

"I apologize to you and your family for what my sister did. I hope you're doing better, you and your kids. God bless you," said Rey.

Both of the Garridos will be in prison the rest of their lives: he was sentenced to 431 years to life, her prison term is 36 years to life.