Unlucky Couple Braces for "Carmageddon" Weekend Wedding

As Los Angeles prepares for "Carmageddon," the epic traffic jam expected due to the closing of the 405 Freeway, one couple is getting ready for their wedding. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Cristina Morales and Jordan Barbakow have planned their July 16th wedding down to the last detail.
They have the rings, an intimate Beverly Hills estate is booked for the ceremony, and they sent out engraved invitations to 100 guests.
But they failed to prepare for Carmageddon.

"Carmageddon" is what everyone is calling the biggest freeway closure in Los Angeles history, which will take place this weekend.

The 405 Freeway is one of the busiest in the world and more than a half million cars drive the route every day.

In an unprecedented move, a 10-mile stretch of the freeway will be shut down for construction the entire weekend, forcing cars onto the already crowded city streets and causing what could be massive gridlock.

So just how bad will it get? Some say there will be a traffic jam over 60 miles long!

And you can only imagine how crowded the streets will be when wedding guests try to drive into Beverly Hills to see Cristina and Jordan say 'I do.'
The freeway closure was announced after the couple made their wedding plans.
"It's affecting me personally because I've put so much time into the planning of this wedding and it's supposed to be my one special day," Cristina says.

Instead of taking a limo, Cristina and Jordan are walking to the ceremony.
"She'll be in her dress and I'll be in a suit and we're just going to walk home," says Jordan.

It sounds crazy, but it will be a story to tell their grandchildren!    

"In the end we're going to be married, Carmageddon or not…unless it's Armageddon!" says Cristina.