Has the Maid Accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn Sabotaged Her Own Case?

Some are asking if the hotel maid who's accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault has damaged her case by speaking to the media. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Has the hotel maid who accuses Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault doomed her own case by going public?

Prosecutors reportedly view the criminal case against Strauss-Kahn as "a mess" now that 32-year-old Nafi Diallo has spoken out to ABC News and Newsweek magazine about what she said happened in that hotel suite.

Today's New York Post ran the headline "Unmaid," and the article quoted a source in the Manhattan District Attorney's office about Diallo's story.

"There's so many inconsistencies now it's incredible. It's like multiple choice–pick a version," the source said.

"The interviews couldn't have helped her cause, because she said things that are inconsistent with other statements that she made," criminal defense lawyer Gerry Lefcourt said.

One inconsistency in her story came out in a new portion of the interview with Robin Roberts that aired on Tuesday's Good Morning America. Diallo reportedly told a rape counselor that Strauss-Kahn did not speak at all during the alleged attack, but has apparently changed her story.

"I was like, 'Stop! Stop! Don't do this! I don't want to lose my job!' He said, "You're not going to lose your job. You're beautiful," Diallo told Roberts.

Another inconsistency involves what happened right after the alleged assault at the Sofitel hotel.

Diallo reportedly told a grand jury that she fled and hid from Strauss-Kahn immediately before contacting hotel superiors. But prosecutors said Diallo actually cleaned another room before going for help.

Hotel records show that she went into the other room only briefly, and Diallo now says she was only picking up cleaning supplies.

"I think it's a misunderstanding," she said.

Diallo also responded to attacks on her credibility because she lied to U.S. immigration authorities by saying that she'd been raped by soldiers in her native African country of Guinea.

"This man tried to rape me, it's different," said Diallo.

Meanwhile, Diallo's lawyer Kenneth Thompson is coming under fire for allowing her to speak in public about a pending criminal case, as it is rare for a victim in a sexual assault case to go on a media blitz. 

"Her lawyer wants to put pressure on the District Attorney to bring the case, because if there is a case, and there's a conviction, then her lawyer has established liability in the civil case and then will only go to the question of how much money should she get," Lefcourt said.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn vehemently denies the maid's accusations.