Charlie Sheen Says He is Rooting for Ashton Kutcher and Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen is breaking his silence on the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men featuring his replacement, Ashton Kutcher. Sheen says he's rooting for the cast and crew and he'll be watching. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Charlie Sheen says count him among the viewers of the new Two and a Half Men.

"Who's not going to watch. I'll be watching front and center. I'm just as curious as everybody else," said Sheen.

A healthy-looking Sheen spoke out in Los Angeles, where he actually offered his support for his replacement.

"I'm actually rooting hard for him. I think Ashton is going to kill it," said Sheen.

The first episode will a funeral for Sheen's character featuring his signature bowling shirt and cargo shorts but no coffin.

Sheen predicts the new show will get a boost because of all of the drama surrounding his firing and replacement.

"It will be nice to know that they will get some carry over ratings from people being sort of curious about what happened to their guy you know," said Sheen.

Ironically, the show premieres September 19th, the same night the 45-year-old actor is going to be roasted on Comedy Central.

"It's going to be a big night for everybody," said Sheen.