Fed Up Businesswoman Flies Angry Banner Over Wall Street

It was another wild day on Wall Street, and not just because of the ups and downs of the market. A Missouri woman hired a plane to fly a banner over Wall Street that said, "Thanks for the downgrade. You should all be fired!" INSIDE EDITION ha

Businesswoman Lucy Nobbe says she's fed up with the lack of leadership that's sending America into an economic tailspin.

"I figure I better say what I think the country is feeling right now," Nobbe tells INSIDE EDITION.

So believe it or not, she hired a plane to fly over Wall Street with a banner that read: "Thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired!"

She explains, "I was angry with the politicians in Washington, D.C."

Nobbe is a single mother of two from St. Louis, Missouri. Her original plan was to fly the banner over the Capitol, but that's a no-fly zone.

Instead, Nobbe sent the plane to Wall Street, right over the Standard & Poor's headquarters. The S&P sent the economy into freefall by dropping our nation's credit rating from AAA to AA+.

Nobbe's bold banner reflects the frustration felt by Americans.

One woman INSIDE EDITION spoke to

"I just think with everything going on and people getting hurt by all this, that it's just a slap in the face and she should just find something else to do," a woman told INSIDE EDITION.

But one man we spoke to said, "I think it's great, and if she needs some money for next week, I'd kick in."

The Wall Street fly-over cost Nobbe $900, which she believes was a solid investment.

"What are you hoping to accomplish with your message?" INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asks.

"To get back together, and work together," Nobbe says.

And the public reaction has been so positive, the pilot flew Nobbe's banner over Wall Street again on Wednesday, free of charge!

A friend of Nobbe's points out she's not wealthy, she's just been working and paying her taxes since she was 16.