Aspiring Model Says Gary Giordano Offered Her a Trip to Aruba

There's a chilling new development in the case of the American woman missing in Aruba. Another woman says it could have been her! As authorities detain Gary Giordano, the man who took Robyn Gardner to Aruba, a young lady comes forward with details

Aspiring model Taylor Tyler feels lucky to be alive today because she turned down a modeling job that might have cost her her life.

"I think about how close I came to being gone forever, never seeing my family again," she said.

The offer allegedly came from Gary Giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, who is believed to be dead in Aruba.

"I feel so awful for her family," said Tyler.

Giordano apparently saw photos on Tyler's website and phoned the 18-year-old's house to make her an offer for a photo shoot in Aruba.

"He offered to pay five thousand dollars for one bikini photo shoot," Tyler told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

Luckily, Tyler's mom, Carrie Emerson, answered the phone, and pretended to be her daughter while listening to the offer!

"He made it sound like the perfect trip for any young girl who wanted to go get her career started in modeling and come home with five thousand dollars in cash," said Emerson, adding, "Too good to be true!"

Tyler was upset when her mother turned down the offer on her behalf, until they saw the news reports about the disappearance of Robyn Gardner!

"Quite frankly I was shocked, I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to believe it," said Tyler.

Emerson contacted authorities about Giordano's alleged offer, and the matter is under investigation by the FBI. They searched Giordano's mansion in Maryland.

Giordano has denied any wrongdoing in the disappearance of Gardner, claiming an ocean current pulled her away as they were snorkeling together.