Man Surprises Bride with Proposal and Complete Wedding

A man surprised his girlfriend by proposing and marrying her the same day at the surprise wedding he had been planning for months. INSIDE EDITION talks to the happy newlyweds.

It's the surprise of a lifetime! Shawn Lippert planned the perfect proposal and secret dream wedding for his girlfriend of seven years. But, get this—both the proposal and the wedding happened all in the same day. And the bride, Colleen Freker knew nothing about it.

On the video of the wedding, Shawn said, "This is your wedding."

"Right now?" asked a very surprised Colleen.

"We're getting married today. You have to say yes," said Shawn.

"Yes, I'll marry you. Today. Right now," said Colleen.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to the newlyweds near their Ontario, Canada home.

Boyd asked, "You really had no idea that the day was about to happen like that?"

Colleen said, "I had no clue."

The couple had been talking about marriage. They even considered eloping to Las Vegas. But Shawn had another idea with his surprise wedding.

Right after he dropped the bombshell, things happened quickly. In two hours they would be married. Shawn even arranged for Colleen's dream wedding dress to be delivered.

"What do you say to those women who feel like he was stepping on your day?" asked Boyd.

"She planned her whole wedding," said Shawn.

"I did. I picked out everything, right down to the Martha Stewart paper balls and he had them," said Colleen.

Shawn actually spent a whole year asking Colleen questions about her dream wedding and secretly wrote down every detail.

"I've been rattling off things for the past three months," said Colleen.

"The book is this thick. I wrote it all down," said Shawn.

And shawn took care of everything actually moving all of colleen's bedroom furniture to the wedding venue making sure she would have everything she needed for her spontaneous big day.

200 family and friends were in on the surprise wedding and Colleen's dad was there to walk her down the aisle.

"You raised the bar way up for a the rest of the guys haven't you?" said Boyd.

"I just think everybody just can't believe that a guy actually took the time to listen to his girlfriend for an entire year, and wrote down everything that she said," said Shawn.