Earthquake Rattles the East Coast

The East Coast shook from a 5.9 earthquake that was centered in Virginia and could be felt as far away as New England. INSIDE EDITION reports on the details.

There was panic and confusion as an earthquake hits the Big Apple and the Eastern Seaboard!

The quake, centered in the state of Virginia, registered 5.9 on the richter scale and was felt from Washington, D.C. to New England. Parts of the Pentagon and the White house were evacuated. A camera overlooking the White House was shaking violently when the quake struck.

All national monuments were closed amid fears that the Washington Monument may have been structurally damaged. Security officers with bullhorns barked orders to fleeing federal workers.

A press conference held by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance came to a sudden end as the room suddenly began to shake.

Tthe streets of New York were filled with people evacuated from office buildings as a precaution, after they heard announcements.

JFK airport in New York was ordered shut down. A Fox News staffer made a video call from a plane stuck on the runway in New York.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer broadcast from the street after being forced to evacuate his office.

Home video of the quake was immediately posted on YouTube. One video shows an overhead fixture shaking in an apartment in Queens, New York. And in surburban Virginia just outside D.C., debris damaged parked vehicles.