Earthquake Wedding Couple Recalls Eventful Day

A young bride's picture was seen around the world as she ran in fear when the East Coast earthquake struck. INSIDE EDITION talked to the young couple about their very memorable day.

Her picture was seen around the world. The beautiful bride who fled her own wedding when the great East Coast earthquake struck.

Well, guess what? Once the dust settled, the wedding went ahead after all.

In that now famous photo, the 18-year-old bride is shown trying to use her cellphone as she fled City Hall.

The groom, Dmitry Grif, said, "I actually didn't have [cell] service."

She told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney she was trying to get through to her husband-to-be. He was on the New York subway, on his way to the ceremony at City Hall.

Valeriya Shevchenko, who was born in Ukraine, hiked up her gown and ran for the hills when the shaking started Tuesday.

"I was crying. I was scared," said Shevchenko.

Incredibly, Shevchenko, still in her wedding dress, managed to find her fiancé as he was coming out of the subway.

"When you finally saw him, what did you say?" asked McInerney.

"He was with flowers and in a suit. I was almost crying," said Shevchenko.

An hour later, the ceremony went ahead.

The happy couple's wedding photos show no sign of the earthquake drama they had just been through. But there may be aftershocks from their wedding. Their parents never knew they were getting married.

19-year-old Grif says now that the picture has become a worldwide phenomenon, their secret is out.