Dad Beats Teenager After Being Referee to His Own Son's Fistfight

The nation is shocked at a Florida dad who not only refereed a fist fight between his teenage son and another teen, but actually beat up the 16-year-old boy when his son was finished with the fight. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

A shocking video has surfaced of a 6' 5", 220-pound dad wailing on a teenager half his size.

Police said the whole thing started when Gary Leroy Johnson refereed a fight between his son and another teen. Police said the dad was there to "monitor the fight and make sure it was a fair fight."

When Johnson's son had enough, he walked away and disappeared behind the fence of their home near Orlando, Florida.

The dad even shook hands with the other teenager, like a good sportsman. Then the teen could be seen on the video getting in Johnson's face, and that's when things exploded.

As the 16-year-old tried to protect his face, the dad rained blows on him. A woman in the background was distraught over what's happening.

Johnson even kicked the teenager when he's down. This came from a guy who was supposedly concerned about fighting fair.

When the youth got up the dad threw him another punch, which floored him. Johnson's son came out and pulled his father away.

The video is sending shockwaves across the country. Johnson has been charged with aggravated battery and child abuse.

And if that's not enough in the "bad sportsmanship" department, there was another incident in Sarasota, Florida. A football referee was attacked when players and coaches disagreed with his call. The referee could be seen on video on the ground trying to protect himself as the melee swirls around him. The referee's shoulder was fractured in the incident.