3 Teen Girls Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Pet Duck From Connecticut Nursery That Is Now Missing, Police Say

Pekin Duck
Similar to the duck pictured above, Quackers is a Pekin. Getty Images

According to the Clinton police, the alleged duck-nappers have been charged with sixth degree larceny, trespassing in the third degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the sixty degree.

Three teenage girls have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a missing duck that was allegedly kidnapped from its pen at a Connecticut nursery last month, police said.The alleged duck-nappers have been charged with sixth-degree larceny, trespassing in the third degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the sixth degree, Clinton police told WTNH

The beloved white duck, named Quackers, went missing at the Garden Grove Center Nursery in Clinton, Connecticut on July 25. Its owner Gary Bousquet, of the Grove Garden Center Nursery described the bird as very friendly and the type of duck that “trusted people.”

“Quackers would have gone right up to the thieves,” he said. 

Bousquet told News 8 that Quackers had been living in their home recovering from a vicious raccoon attack that killed her sister, Peanut Butter. Bousquet explained that the local animal hospital “put Quackers back together,” and was grateful that her life was saved after the near fatal attack. Some of her injuries include a scar above one eye and a bald patch where she is missing feathers on her back, the Shoreline Times reported

Quacker returned to her pen after she showed signs that she was ready and Bousquet said he got two rescue ducks to keep Quackers company so she wouldn’t be alone.

Then one morning, when he went to the pen, he saw the two rescues, but no Quackers.

Bousquets' daughters saw photos of their pet duck on social media going to a house party, going to the town beach and getting selfies taken with the teens who allegedly stole the helpless animal, according to multiple reports.

“To me, they tortured the duck,” Bousquet told WTNH. 

He told the news outlet that the girls claimed they released the duck in Heser’s Pond. 

“A duck would not leave the pond,” he responded.

Since Quackers' disappearance, Bousquet told WTNH that he wants the teens charged to learn compassion for their fine-feathered friends.

“Nobody stood up for the duck,” he said. “Nobody said, ‘this is kind of mean.’”

The Shoreline Times that have reported on Quackers' disappearance posted photos of Quackers, the Pekin duck playing with the family's golden retriever, Cody and offering more details on the duck that apparently loved to cuddle. 

 "Last seen at Grove Gardens in Clinton, this Pekin duck’s family misses her. Quacker cannot fly and she is not used to living in the wild. She needs to be returned," reported the newspapers.

A Clinton resident, that requested anonymity, has put up the $600 reward for Quackers safe return.