Oprah Turns Studio Over to The Rosie Show

INSIDE EDITION was there as Oprah officially turned over her old studio to Rosie O'Donnell for The Rosie Show.

Talk show legend Oprah Winfrey turned over the keys of her famous Chicago studio to Rosie O'Donnell.

INSIDE EDITION was there as Oprah unveiled the sign outside Harpo Studios, where Rosie will tape her new talk show for Oprah's network, OWN.

"What advice did you have for Rosie?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"I have no advice for Rosie...Rosie, actually, we were working together the other day and she actually is bossier than I am," Oprah said.

O'Donnell invited us behind the scenes to watch a run-through of her new show, which debuts next month on OWN.

"Look at this, this is almost hallowed ground for TV," said Moret of the studio.

"It's not 'almost,' it totally is," said O'Donnell.

For a quarter century, it's where Oprah did her show. O'Donnell did a complete makeover of the set and she says her show will be family-friendly.

When Moret sat down with O'Donnell for an exclusive interview, she said she's let go of the anger we saw when she was on The View.

"It was like there were very big changes in my life and for the last four years I've been getting back to me," O'Donnell said.

After the interview, O'Donnell invited only INSIDE EDITION to see her dressing room.
Her combination dressing room/office is bigger than her old apartment in New York, and it even has a kitchen!

If O'Donnell works late she can even take a shower.

"It's intense, it's top of the line here, right, this is how Oprah rolls," she said.

You might say Oprah is rolling the dice on O'Donnell, hoping her new show will give OWN a needed boost in the ratings.

"Do you feel the weight, I mean is there any pressure?" asked Moret.

"No, no... I feel like it's honestly, it's a dreamlike opportunity and I don't feel any pressure at all," O'Donnell said.
The Rosie Show premieres October 10th on OWN.