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The X Factor Premiere Hit Some High Notes

Simon Cowell is back on TV with the premiere of The X Factor, and INSIDE EDITION has the latest on how it did in the ratings.

She's the single mom who brought down the house on the season premiere of The X Factor with her rendition of "(You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman."

42-year-old Stacy Francis sang her heart out and got a standing ovation and praise from Simon Cowell like you've never heard before.

"That was one of the best auditions I've ever heard in my life," said Cowell.

Francis, who says she was once in an abusive relationship, cried so much her mascara ran down her face.

So how did the show do? 12.1 million viewers tuned in for the premiere, which was lower than most American Idol shows.

Daily Variety says the premiere was "no monster" hit but it still made for some great TV.

Like 13-year-old Rachel Crow, who revealed why she wants to win the $5 million prize:

Cowell asked, "What would you do with the $5 million?"

"I'm a girl. I need my own bathroom," said Crow.

Sharing one similarity with American Idol, The X Factor has its share of screwballs.

One man dropped his pants and said, "Drops pants. I'm a stud!"

Cowell responded, "What the bloody hell was that?"

Paula Abdul was so mortified she walked off.

She told INSIDE EDITION what happened:

"Every time I happened to turn back to the stage he'd be lifting his leg or bending over and after a while I had to excuse myself," said Abdul.