Bristol Bar Fight Staged?

Bristol Palin got into a bar fight with a patron who insulted her and her mother, but now some are wondering if the incident was staged for her new reality show. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Just call her "Daughter Grizzly." Bristol Palin got into a fight at a bar with a patron who insulted her and her mother.

The faceoff happened while Sarah Palin's 20-year-old daughter was shooting her new reality show at a western-themed restaurant in Hollywood, called Saddle Ranch.

At first, she was all smiles as she rode a mechanical bull. But when she fell off, rude and totally obnoxious comments are aimed at her about her former boyfriend Levi Johnston, and her mother.

Bristol strode over to the bar and confronted the loud-mouthed customer.

Bristol: "What did you say?"

Bar Patron: "Your mother's a ------- devil, dude."

Bristol: "Oh, is she?"

Bar Patron: "Yes, she's a devil."

Bristol: "What did she do wrong?"

Bar Patron: "She lives, she breathes."

Bristol: "All right, is it because you're a homosexual?

Bar Patron: "Pretty much."

Bristol: "And that's why you hate her?"

Bar Patron: "And why'd you say I'm a homosexual?"

Bristol: "Because I can tell you are. That's your gay boyfriend right there."

Bar Patron: "That's not my boyfriend."

Bristol: "And that's why you don't like my mom."

Another young woman came to Bristol's aid.
"Hey! How old are you?" she asked.

"Forty-seven years old!" said the bar patron.

"Ok, then leave her alone."

"What? She came up to me," he said.

"You said it first," she said.

Then came a reference to Sarah Palin's alleged long-ago fling with basketball star Glen Rice as detailed in Joe McGinniss's controversial new Palin book, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.

"You don't look like...anything like Glen Rice. I thought you would," the bar patron told Bristol.

"You're right. You're right. I'm half African-American. You got me. You got me, sir," she responded.

Then Bristol got into it with the other guy at the bar and it became even more intense, as he called her "white trash from Wasilla" and made the accusation that her mother "ran a state into the grave."

Bristol walked out into the night with her camera crew.

But now some are skeptical about the showdown.

"Fantastic publicity stunt," one blogger writes.

"This is probably staged," says another.

Either way, the customers at the restaurant will be talking about their evening with Bristol Palin for a long time.