Judge Jackie Glass Takes Over on Swift Justice

Judge Jackie Glass is taking over the reins at Swift Justice and INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Watch out, there's a new judge in town!

Judge Jackie Glass is the new star of the popular court show Swift Justice and INSIDE EDITION is taking you behind the scenes.

Glass is breaking tradition by wearing a blue robe instead of a black one.
"I felt that was a bit harsh being a woman, wanted a little something softer, especially with my demeanor. So I picked the blue and that's been my signature color," said Glass.

Glass is the Las Vegas judge who sentenced O.J. Simpson to prison.

She replaces Nancy Grace, who is currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

What does Glass think of her predecessor's chances of winning the Mirror Ball Trophy?

"She did a great job; look that's a very hard thing to do. Good for her, I hope she's having a great time," said Glass.