Man Turns Dumpster Into Chic Home

Having a second home may be more possible than you think. INSIDE EDITION caught up with one man who turned a dumpster into a chic getaway.

It's dining at its best. A husband and wife relish a romantic meal of gourmet steak and shrimp, topped off with fine wine. But get this—they were dining in a dumpster. In fact, the garbage can is Erica and Gregory Kloehn's second home in Oakland, California.

Their delux dumpster has amenities you'd find in a house, including a gas grill, granite countertops, and hidden under the seats are a toilet and storage.

To prepare for a lunch date with his wife, Gregory spruced up and shaved in his dumpster outdoor shower. Then he chose an outfit from his dumpster chest.

Next, he fired up the garbage barbeque and grilled steak outside while sautéeing vegetables inside. After their intimate lunch, the couple headed up top for a romantic rooftop view and a champagne toast.

What do friends think of their dumpster house?

"Sometimes at first they think, 'Oh that's crazy. How could you live in a dumpster?' But when they see it and realize it has all of the amenities of a home and they think, 'I could live in a dumpster too,' " said Erica.

The dumpster looked like any other dumpster when Gregory bought it new for $1,000. Then he built add-ons, including a collapsible roof with windows and turned the trash receptacle into a mini castle.

Gregory, who's an artist, built the dumpster dwelling to explore how to turn trash into treasure and says his idea is far from rubbish.

"Whenever friends come over everyone wants some food from the dumpster," said Gregory.