Cleft Lip Surgery for One of Octomom's Children

INSIDE EDITION follows Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, and one of her young children as he undergoes surgery to repair a cleft lip.

Jonah Suleman is one of the eight octuplets born to Nadya Suleman, aka, Octomom. The adorable little boy has a disfiguring birth defect—a cleft lip

Amazingly, the cleft lip is the only complication stemming from Nadya's controversial pregnancy.

"The older siblings asked when I brought him back from the hospital who dropped him and cracked him," said Nadya. 

But two-year-old Jonah was about to undergo a procedure that will change his life.

INSIDE EDITION exclusively went with Nadya and Jonah when they visited Newport Beach plastic surgeon Michael Nicolli.

"He doesn't have any severe dental problems and the nose is not distorted. His soft palate and hard palate are all normal. So basically it's just going to be a cleft lip," said Dr. Nicolli.

With huge expenses for her 14 children, Nadya can't afford the surgery, so Dr. Nicolli's foundation did it for free. He told us why it's important to operate on Jonah now, before he starts school.

Dr. Nicolli said, "I think it's mandatory to do these kids now so they don't have any psychological handicaps."

Our cameras went with Nadya and Jonah on the morning of the surgery.

"He's oblivious to what's going to happen," said Nadya.

After Jonah was sedated the surgeon outlined where he would make the incisions. Then he cut open the lip and actually snipped the muscles and tendons so they lay flat. After less than an hour in the operating room, Jonah was stitched up. Incredibly, he'll only have a tiny scar. The doctors gave the thumbs up to Nadya.

"Everything looks great," said Dr. Nicolli.

"That's amazing," said Nadya.

"Very little blood loss, a few drops," said Dr. Nicolli.

The recovery was quick. After just three weeks, the lip was nearly healed. It's a beautiful result for the face of a little boy.