Did Streaker Posing As Referee Cause All Out Brawl?

The football game between UCLA and University of Arizona exploded into chaos when a man dressed as a referee suddenly stripped off his fake uniform and ran across the field. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He wasn't a referee, even though he was dressed like one. He was a fake who sparked chais that led to an all-out bench clearing brawl.

It happened at the big football game between UCLA and the University of Arizona.  

Just four seconds before halftime, a student identified as Jace Lankow ran onto the field dressed just like the ref.

In a video on YouTube, Lankow, described as a rabid Arizona fan, took off running. 

Arizona fans went wild as he stripped to his Speedo before being tackled by a security guard.

As he distracted the officials, a melee erupted on the gridiron.   

"This has the potential to get ugly," said a football correspondent.

Players from both teams rushed the field.

"The players are on the field fighting and the benches are emptying. Mayhem has broken out here at the end of the first half," said the correspondent.

When the fight was finally broken up, two players were ejected from the game, leading to a chorus of boos.  

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Lankow was arrested and charged with felony impersonation of a referee! He appeared in court today in Tucson via video link from jail.

It's a pathetic ending for a die hard fan.

Lankow, who authorities say got on the field thanks to a fake all-access pass, has plead not guilty.