Lindsay Lohan Makes It On Time For Community Service

Lindsay Lohan showed up today to begin her community service at a Los Angeles County morgue. INSIDE EDITION reports from outside the morgue when Lohan arrived.

Lindsay Lohan finally showed up for court-ordered community service just as the clock struck seven.

She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and what looked like a mound of hair extensions. She entered the LA Coroner's office through the back door.  

"The volunteer center allowed her to come back today to try it today. And she's been ordered that she will be on time for her service, and if she has any other problems she will be removed from the program," said Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter.

Lohan went to work as an office janitor, but according to Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller, who did her own community service at the morgue for a drug conviction, Lohan is facing a real shock inside.

"It stinks. It is the most foul smell. I had to walk where they had the tags on the toes," said Mueller.

Lohan was spotted leaving her dentist's office on Thursday, covering her mouth. There's a lot of buzz about Lohan's once pearly white teeth looking stained and chipped in recent photos.

Her father, Michael Lohan, told HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell he's very worried.

"If you're taking prescription medication it would affect all your teeth, not just your two front teeth. Ok, that's from smoking a pipe, with meth or crack," he said.