Herman Cain Smoking Ad Causes Controversy

Herman Cain continues to steal the spotlight from other Republican presidential candidates, but this time it's over a controversial campaign ad that has everyone talking. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

What the heck was Herman Cain thinking? That's what the late night comics are asking.

"Cigarettes and pizza, I mean finally, finally a healthcare plan we can all get behind," said David Letterman.

"Wow, I don't know what it is but something about that guy [in the video]  just seems cool," said Stephen Colbert.

Twitter is also buzzing about the Republican frontrunner's latest campaign ad, which shows his chief of staff taking a long drag on a cigarette.

"We can take this country back," says Chief of Staff Mark Block as he takes a drag.

The ad has gone viral, getting almost one million views on Youtube alone, and there's been a sharp spike in the Cain campaign's online fundraising.

Cain's secret weapon just may be his patriotic theme song.   

The singer is Krista Branch, and she actually tried out for American Idol in 2008.

The song was written by Krista's husband Michael, and it was inspired by a rough patch in their lives five years ago. Like too many Americans, the Branches had a house in foreclosure and were close to declaring bankruptcy.

"I am america is a song that a lot of people connect to, all across this nation," said Krista. 

Cain calls the song, "So right on."