Conrad Murray Defense Calls Star Witness to Testify

The defense team of Dr. Conrad Murray brought out their star witness who testified that Michael Jackson could have given himself the fatal dose of Propofol. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse.

There was high drama at the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. The star defense witness showed the jury how Michael Jackson was given the poweful anesthetic Propofol on the day he died. 

An attorney asked White, "So you think it was a self-injection of Propofol that did it?" 

"In my opinion, yes," replied White.

Dr. Paul White, the defense's final witness, is a world-renowned anesthesiologist known as "the father of Propofol."

He blitzed the jury with charts and graphs, saying Jackson could have given himself the fatal dose of Propofol mixed with a toxic cocktail of other drugs when Murray left him alone in his bedroom. 

White told the court, "I believe it potentially could have lethal consequences." 

An attorney asked, "Are you saying this combination right there [marking a spot on a chart] that's potentially lethal?"

"That's right," said White.

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "All the defense needs is one juror to feel very adamantly that, here's a possibility, Michael Jackson gave himself the killer Propofol and that's the intervening act that makes the difference and creates reasonable doubt."

Now there's a new glitch that could throw the trial into chaos. The trial is about to enter its sixth week and there's growing concern the jurors are getting so impatient the judge says he's worried some of them may ask to be dismissed so they can get on with their lives.

You may remember it was Dr. White who sat glaring in the courtroom as his star pupil and former friend, Dr. Steven Shafer, gave devastating testimony against Murray.

Dr. White ripped that testimony Friday. 

"Does it reconcile with Dr. Murray's statement?" asked a defense attorney.

"No," replied White.

"Does it reconcile with the physical evidence found at the scene?" asked the attorney.

"No," said White.