Ashton Kutcher Criticized for Joe Paterno Tweet

Ashton Kutcher is on PR damage control after tweeting anger over Penn State firing football coach Joe Paterno without knowing about the child sex abuse scandal.

What a Twit!

That's the overwhelming reaction today to Ashton Kutcher's clueless tweet, lamenting the firing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

"He just seems so epically clueless," said Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos.

Even Regis Philbin is fuming, saying, "Then shut up until you know!"

Incredibly, Kutcher admits he knew nothing about the sex abuse scandal at Penn State, even though it's been the top news story for almost a week, when he tweeted: "How do you fire jo pa? #insult #noclass!"

His Twitter followers were quick to fire back.

"Hmmm, try watching the news every now and then ash," said one follower.

After a barrage of criticism, Kutcher deleted the tweet with this apology, "Fully re-cant previous tweet! Didn't have full story."

The New York Post asks, "What rock was he hiding under? #dimwit!"

The actor's gaffe is all the more surprising because he has crusaded against child sex trafficking.

"It destroyed me, to think about the fact that there's a little girl or a little boy out there in the world today, that a grown man is going to take advantage of," said Kutcher, breaking down at the GQ Gentlemen's Ball just last month.

Now he's in full damage control mode. He posted a picture on Twitter today, of himself next to an "I'm with stupid" shirt..

Kutcher wrote, "I feel awful about this error. Won't happen again. I'm just trying to be a good person."