What Went Wrong with Demi and Ashton?

INSIDE EDITION reports on what people are saying is the cause for the divorce of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

What really went wrong in the Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher marriage?

The Chicago Sun Times says, the "ultimate deal-breaker was Ashton's inability to 100 percent promise he wouldn't stray again."

The report comes just as more photos surface of Sara Leal, the party girl who Kutcher allegedly had a one-night-stand with in a hot tub at the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego.

The shocking divorce announcement came when Moore notified the Associated Press.

AP Entertainment Reporter Alicia Quarles told INSIDE EDITION, "Demi was not messing around with this. She didn't do this over a weekend. She came to the largest news agency in the world. She wanted people to hear this. She wanted people to hear this message, 'I am choosing to leave him.' "

Now the battle begins over the couple's $290 million fortune. That's their estimated combined net worth.

TV is buzzing with speculation as to what went wrong in the marriage.

E! talk show host Chelsea Handler told CNN, "I don't know them personally very well, but I think it's pretty obvious that she's probably, they probably had a lot of open marriage type situations. Clearly they probably had a lot of threesomes that lead to twosomes without Demi and that leads to a divorce."

Kutcher was back on the set of Two and a Half Men just hours after Moore filed for divorce.

Surprisingly, Moore has not yet changed her name on Twitter. She's always gone by the handle, @mrskutcher. That was still on her Twitter site today.