What Happened After Natalie Wood Was Discovered Missing?

INSIDE EDITION has more details about what happened on the Splendour after Natalie Wood was discovered missing.

What happened in the first chaotic moments when Natalie Wood was discovered missing from the Splendour?

Her sister Lana Wood is making this shocking charge:

"I was told that the first call that went off the Splendour was not to the Coast Guard, it was to Robert Wagner's attorney. I don't understand why someone you love is missing, so you don't do anything but you call your attorney?"

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the ex-husband of Marilyn Wayne, the witness who's making the bombshell claim that she heard a woman in the water calling for help on the night Natalie died.  

Anthony Sakal told us he believes his ex-wife's account and says his son was there too and also heard the cries for help.

"They heard somebody crying for help and they heard it many, many times, and from what I understand, there was another boat that yelled out, 'We'll help you,' " Sakal said.

Lana Wood says she's never believed what Robert Wagner says happened that fateful night, even though police say he's not a suspect in the new investigation.

Right after the drowning, she says, Wagner cut her off from seeing her two nieces, Natasha and Courtney.

An emotional Lana told INSIDE EDITION, "You think I haven't tried to talk to them? I've sent letters, left messages…"

Legal experts say it's doubtful that any criminal charges will ever be brought in the Natalie Wood case. In California, the statute of limitations for manslaughter is three years, and while first-degree murder has no time limit, it would take overwhelming evidence for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office to even consider bringing such a charge.

"We have lies on top of lies from various people involved. Absent some new independent witness coming about, this case has no chance," said former prosecutor Robin Sax.

INSIDE EDITION found a lost clip of Natalie struggling in the water in her next-to-last movie. It was made-for-TV in 1980—the year before she died—and titled The Memory of Eva Ryker. The movie is about a woman tormented by the mystery surrounding a 30-year-old death, a chilling parallel to the Natalie Wood case.

Robert Foxworth co-starred with Natalie, and remembers she was terrified about filming the scene.

"She was shuddering and shivering and I said, 'The water's warm, are you cold?' and she said, 'No, I just have to tell you, I've had a recurring dream all my life about dark water and it frightens me to death,' " he told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

"Give me your reaction when you heard they were reopening this case after thirty years," said McInerney.

Foxworth said, "It just sort of broke my heart; I mean why bring all this up again?"