Thanksgiving Feast Without the Calorie Counting

INSIDE EDITION gets some tips on how to make the perfect Thanksgiving feast without worrying one bit about calories.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent hit the grocery store to pick up some key ingredients for a decadent Thanksgiving meal.

Armed with a cart full of calorie-laden ingredients like butter and heavy cream, Trent met executive chef Wade Burch at Neely's Barbecue Parlor in New York.

They started with brussels sprouts loaded with bacon and butter.

Trent said, "We put bacon and butter in the same dish. Wow!"

Next up, three cheese macaroni and cheese mixed with heavy cream that created a decadent result.

Next it was on to the homemade whipped cream. Burch added some sugar and vanilla.

"Give it a couple more vigorous whisks now that you've got the sugar and vanilla in, and you've got whipped cream," said Burch.

It's the perfect topping to pumpkin pie.

Burch then brought out the turkey and said, "Here is the star of the show."

It was an 18-pound turkey that had been smoked for 14 hours in a brine of apple cider, spices and herbs. It smelled and looked divine.

Soon the table was set and Trent forgot about calorie counting just for one day.

"That's the best turkey that I've ever tasted," said Trent.