The People's Court Suspect Lashes Out at Photographers | Inside Edition

The People's Court Suspect Lashes Out at Photographers

INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest developments in the case of a mom who vanished after appearing on The People’s Court, as her ex-fiance is named a suspect and appeared in court to fight for custody of their kids.

A grim-faced Dale Smith appeared in public for the first time since his ex-fiancée, Michelle Parker vanished and then sent a cameraman flying. Smith was caught on tape deliberately shouldering the cameraman out of the way.

Smith, who was on The People's Court two weeks ago with his ex, appeared in a real court to fight for custody of his twin three-year-olds. The boy and girl were taken away by child welfare officials after their father was named the prime suspect in their mother's disappearance.

Parker's mother, Yvonne Stewart, was also in court as the judge returned the children to their father's care.

It's a decision that's outraging Geraldo Rivera.

"I think it's incomprehensible. I think that it is really a shameful decision," said Rivera.

Right after the custody hearing, there was a bizarre scene. The missing woman's mother actually hugged Smith. That's right, she embraced the prime suspect in her daughter's disappearance.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Stewart today at the police command post.

Stewart told INSIDE EDITION, "That was pure, raw, just gut level, 'I need to talk to you. I need to tell you that we want to help raise those babies.' He broke, he cried, he shook. And I cried and I shook."

There were more tense scenes as Smith left court.

"Did you kill her?" asked a reporter.

He remained grim-faced and silent and his lawyer tried to bring a halt to all questions.

"I'm not going to let him talk," said his lawyer.

Cops were seen searching for Parker in dense woods. She has not been seen since she and her ex squared off on The People's Court two weeks ago. Smith denies any involvement in her disappearance.