How to Fend Off a Bathroom Attacker

Females are being assaulted in public restrooms at hotels and nightclubs across the country. INSIDE EDITION reports on this growing act of violence and how you can defend yourself.

In Los Angeles a suspect was caught on camera following a 16-year-old girl into a McDonald's bathroom. Her screams scared him off.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger allegedly sexually assaulted a 20-year-old college student in the bathroom of a bar. He says it was consensual and no crime was committed.

And in New York, a construction worker was accused of brutally attacking a woman in the bathroom of a popular nightspot, all because she refused to dance with him.

Police say 30-year-old Mbarek Lafrem followed a nurse into the ladies' room, broke down the stall door and beat her mercilessly, even slamming her head into the toilet.

Surveillance video taken minutes after the alleged attack shows the suspect, who claims he acted in self defense, shaking his hand as if in pain.

He allegedly beat her so severely that he broke her eye socket, broke her nose, her jaw, and her skull.

So what should you do if you're attacked in a restroom? Experts say the most important thing is to fight back and take control.

"Fighting back is very important. 95 per cent of the time, if you fight back, you'll walk away with little or no injury," says women's safety advocate Steve Kardian.

Kardian showed INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander some basic self defense tips that could help keep you safe.


He says if a man follows you into the ladies' room, make some noise and defend yourself.

"Boom, and you can hit me. Go right to the knee. Good. But if the guy grabs you, sit your heels right to the ground. Once you go to the ground, from there you can kick all my vulnerable points: my groin, my face, my nose, my stomach. Once I'm disabled, you'll get up and you'll run out," Kardian says.

And he says almost any object in the room can be used to fend off an attack.


He says these techniques can even work in the confined space of a stall.

"Sit, bring your knees up, and kick, kick, kick, kick!" says Kardian

Just remember the number one rule: Make a lot of noise, and don't be a victim.