INSIDE EDITION Interviews Herman Cain Accuser

INSIDE EDITION talks to Sharon Bialek, the first woman to come forward with sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain, to get her reaction to the embattled candidate ending his campaign.

The first woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment reacts to his dropping out of the Republican presidential race.

"Do you feel vindicated?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"To a degree I do. I think it is going to be hard to take back a lot of the malicious things that were said about me. So on that part, that part will remain forever," said Bialek.

Boyd spoke to Bialek, who shocked the nation when she said Cain groped her in 1997.  

"He suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals," said Bialek at a press conference revealing her claims.

Even though Cain is no longer a candidate, he's continuing his cross-country appearances, last night appearing in Oklahoma City.   

"It wasn't that I didn't want to fight, because I'm still going to fight. I'm just going to fight a different way," Cain said at the appearence.

Bialek says she's outraged that Cain continues to say that the women making accusations against him are lying.    

"Mr.Cain continues to insist that you and the other women, are lying," said Boyd.

"Can he look at himself in the mirror everyday? Can he go to bed everyday and feel good about himself knowing what he knows? I can, and I am positive the other four women can because I know what I went through, and I totally believe and support their allegations," said Bialek.

Her attorney, Gloria Allred, said all the women, including Ginger White, who claimed she had a 13-year affair with Cain, had now been vindicated.

"History has vindicated Sharon and Ginger White, and the other women who are brave enough to file claims against him," said Allred.

Bialek says she feels sorry for Cain's wife Gloria, who was onstage when he announced he was suspending his campaign. 

"I almost feel unfortunately for her Mr. Cain and his camp has used her somewhat as a pawn or a puppet if you will, and brought her out only when they felt it abosulutely necessary to support him," said Bialek.

Bialek say's her own name had been dragged through the mud since coming forward.

"It saddened me because he, through out this whole process has been in denial, and hasn't been able to tell the truth," said Bialek.