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Airline Flight Attendant Union Wants To Ban Baldwin

The American Airline flight attendants union wants to add Alec Baldwin to their no-fly list after his recent tantrum that ended in him being kicked off a plane. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Alec Baldwin is under fire over his airplane meltdown from a 9/11 widow.

Cheryl McGuinness Hutchins, whose husband, Tom, was co-pilot of the first plane to hit the World Trade Center, is telling blowhard Baldwin, "Take responsibility."

Hutchins' angry that Baldwin, writing in the Huffington Post, claims airlines are using 9/11 "As an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible."

Hutchins' retorted, "He shouldn't point the finger at a world tragedy. He should just take responsibility for his actions and admit he should have gotten off the phone."

Friday, Baldwin refused to answer questions about the latest twist in the meltdown saga when he left his Manhattan penthouse.

A reporter asked Baldwin outside his New York home, "What about these 9/11 widows? How do you feel about that? Are you upset that there upset?"

"You can book any airline anytime," said Baldwin in a Capital One commercial.

Well maybe not any airline. The Capital One Venture card spokesman may not be able to use those frequent flyer miles on American Airlines much longer.

The flight attendants union wants Baldwin banned from the airline.  

"We're very upset. He was very malicious and slanderous toward crew members in his comments," a spokesman for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants said.

They also want episodes of Baldwin's hit TV show 30 Rock cut from the airline's in-flight entertainment.

Rosie O'Donnell, a longtime friend of Baldwin's, came to his defense on the Joy Behar Show last night.

"I think he's a great guy. I think he's an immense talent. I think he's one of the funniest men around. One of the nicest guy's I met in showbiz. I believe in him, I really like the guy. You know, nobody's perfect," said O'Donnel.

And the meltdown is a feeding frenzy for the late night comics.

Jay Leno said, "Alec Baldwin said that flying American was like a Greyhound bus experience. South West Airlines said, ‘Hey! That's our slogan."