Is Prayer Tim Tebow's Football Weapon? | Inside Edition

Is Prayer Tim Tebow's Football Weapon?

NFL quarterback Tim Tebow makes no secret about getting on one knee to say a prayer before he scores big for his team, and his seemingly miraculous results are catching on. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Does this quarterback have a secret weapon that's absolutely divine?

He's Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos, and at crucial moments in the game he gets down on one knee, says a prayer and then...touchdown!

The victory on Sunday over the Chicago Bears was the fourth straight week that Tebow's last-minute heroics won the game. And as he pointed toward the heavens, the headlines are heavenly.

"Tim Tebow Pulls Off His Weekly Miracle," reads the Los Angeles Times.

"Tim Tebow, God's Quarterback," reads Wall Street Journal.

Whether or not you believe in miracles, you have to believe in Tim Tebow. He's becoming so famous for the way he gets down on one knee that his last name is now a verb. It's called tebowing, and everybody's doing it.

One cancer-afflicted boy undergoing chemo and a soldier sent photos of themselves tebowing to Tebow's Twitter page.

Doctors, pilots, scuba divers, stock brokers, even girls in bikinis are tebowing.

Tim Tebow is dead serious about his beliefs. He appeared with his mother in this controversial anti-abortion ad that aired during last year's Super Bowl. When he was in college he wrote biblical references under his eyes.

These days, it seems that the bible is still his favorite playbook.