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Lights Out At Candlestick Park

Dig out the candlesticks!

Candlestick Park was plunged into darkness during last nights broadcast of Monday Night Football.

"Power out at Candlestick Park," declaired one announcer on Monday Night Football.

The first of two blackouts hit twenty five minutes before kick-off when a transformer blew.

Youtube videos flooded the internet, showing almost total darkness, broken only by cellphone lights. Emergency power kicked in but it wasn't enough to play by.

Since the public address system was also down, officials used Twitter to tell fans to keep calm.

After twenty minutes, full lighting was restored and the game between the San Francisco 49ers against the Pittsburgh Steelers got under way.

But then, early in the second quarter, it happened again!

"Power has gone out again" said the commentators.

Then more Youtube videos hit the web. This time getting the angry fans' reaction as the teams milled about in the half-darkness.

Fans began to chant, "Please return the power."

This time the blackout lasted fifteen minutes.

There was one bright spot to lighten the 49ers gloom. They won!